The Distractions of Working from Home.

Friday, 7th September 2018

I would love to say I'm one of those people who work from home that has a lovely bright spacious room, everything in its place, with whale music on in the background for inspiration.

Making myself a cup of green tea, in one of those glass cups with a sprig of something green in it after meditating, all my chakras are in the right place and I’m ready for the working day ahead.

BUT I’m not one of those people …

I’m currently sitting in my 'office' - the cupboard under the stairs that Roy has lovingly nicknamed 'the cave', nonsensical quotes from Alice in Wonderland hanging on the wall, in my pyjamas, messy desk, background noise of Jeremy Kyle and a big mug of 'yorkshire' tea. Angus (my dog) is trying to get me to play with his ball with him, Olive (my other dog) trying to get on my knee for a cuddle and Clifford (my cat) is meowing loudly from the kitchen door because his food bowl is less than half full.

Half the day is gone, I’ve spent a small fortune (window cleaner, bin cleaner, teenager wanting money, blah blah blah) and still have my print order to send off. Trying to bash on with computer work but Holly & Phil are talking to a woman who claims to have sex with ghosts -  if ever there was a distraction that is most definitely it!

I need to focus; I might try centring my chakras ...

Fantastic from start to finish, my little girl was only three weeks old and Kerry was amazing with her and the pictures are superb!!

Sarah Jane Barton

On the day itself we felt in safe hands, it was like having a friend by our side byt allowing us to enjoy our day with no pressure or posing. Natural and perfectly timed photos that didn't looks staged.

Kerrie Foster

Someone once said to me the one thing to make sure you have on your wedding day is a good photographer, and I couldn't have got anyone better than Kerry. 4 years on and I still look at them like I did the first time ... AMAZING!

Tuesday Martin

Absolutely brilliant and so good with children, we love our pictures.

Melissa French

I've had a couple of shoots now, I love them! Just give Kerry your kids and let her work her magic.

Tania Sutton